Your passion for celetial objects when transcends to next stage, the question that comes to your mind is is WHAT NEXT?


And in a serious hobby where hauling huge telescope becomes impractical on regular basis. So if you are not restricted with space and money, setting up an observatory is a Next step. A  observatory structure allows you to take best advantage of ideal viewing condition.

Galileo Observatories has been setting  observatories for amateur astronomers, clubs, schools, research institutes, farm house, resorts and government facilities customizing their need which takes care of:

  • Purpose
  • Site 
  • Weather Conditions
  • User groups and level
  • Future Goals
  • and


Our company offers best observatory packages to help you access to heaven with a touch of a button.

Our Services:

  • Site Survey
  • Turnkey installations 
  • Sized from 6 ft  to 24 Ft 
  • DIY installations
  • hardwire installations on observatory builds
  • Custom piers manufactured for your specific telescope
  • Hardware, rollers, axel bolts, etc. for DIY installations
  • Sales of observatory grade telescopes and equipment

For enquiries on Observatories, please mail us on: